What we support

In order to achieve the objectives of Nova Rhetorica, Nova Rhetorica has decided from its outset to support the ensembles Les Esprits Animaux and Scaramuccia and the independent record label Snakewood Editions, as their work is aligned with the objectives of the foundation. Nova Rhetorica may be willing to support other similar initiatives, as long as they align with the foundation’s focus.

The support can include fundraising and the performance of tasks in the field of marketing, PR and communication.


Scaramuccia was founded in 2013 on the initiative of the violinist and musicologist Javier Lupiáñez with the intention of rediscovering the lesser known baroque repertoire. Throughout their career, the ensemble has been praised by critics and audiences for the liveliness and expressiveness of their performances, their closeness to the audience and the originality of their programmes. The in-depth research work behind each programme allows Scaramuccia to often have the opportunity and the pleasure of performing unpublished and forgotten musical treasures that are hidden among the most standard baroque repertoire.
Scaramuccia has established as a unique and original project in the European Early Music scene. Their musical discourse has been praised for its sincerity combined with an intellectual approach. Among other festivals and concert halls, they have performed at Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht, Internationaal Kamermuziek Festival Utrecht – Janine Jansen and Friends, Kasteelconcerten, and Musica Antica da Camera (Netherlands), Fora do Lugar, Encontros de Música Antiga Francisco Rosado in Loulé, and Sente a História (Portugal), Festival Internacional de Arte Sacro de Madrid, Festival de Música Antigua de Xixón, Ciclo de Música Antigua de Cambados, Temporada de Música Antigua de Guadalajara, and Teatro Kursaal de Melilla (Spain), Goethe Gesellschaft Nordenham Konzerte (Germany ), Museum Vleeshuis, Automne Musical de Spa, and Philarmonie de Namur (Belgium), Maldon Festival of Arts (UK), Seviqc Brezice Festival (Slovenia), Lednice|Valtice Music Festival (Czech Republic), Echi Lontani Festival (Italy), and Festival Młoda Muzyka Dawna (Poland).
In its zeal to discover new music, Scaramuccia had the privilege of being the first ensemble to have attributed the RV 820 and the RV 205/2 to Vivaldi and performing both pieces as a world première in an interview and a live concert broadcast in the programme De Musyck Kamer of the Dutch radio station Concertzender in the summer of 2014. These works, together with other lately-discovered pieces by Vivaldi for violin and basso continuo, were recorded for Ayros in 2015 as part of the ensemble’s first album.
1717. Memories of a Journey to Italy, released in 2018, is the second disc of the ensemble. It has been acclaimed by reviewers all over Europe and nominated for the 2019 ICMA Awards. Their third album, Pisendel. Neue Sonaten, was released in December 2020 and has got six nominations for the 2021 Opus Klassik awards edition and one for the 2022 ICMA Awards. In June 2023, their latest album, L’altra Venezia, was released, with world premieres by Venetian composers, among which two new sonatas by Albinoni stand out. Since 2018 Scaramuccia has been producing their discography with their own label: Snakewood Editions.
In 2016 Scaramuccia was unanimously chosen by the public as the best ensemble in the Göttinger Reihe Historischer Musik International Competition 2015/2016 (Germany). In 2022 their project The Cabinet II Project was finalist on the REMA European Early Music Awards in the Heritage and Repertoire category.


Les Esprits Animaux

Les Esprits Animaux is a Netherlands-based baroque band created in 2009. The group has earned through the last years great acclamation of both music critics and audiences. It has enjoyed an intense concert schedule, performing in several European countries as well as in Japan.

In 2016, Les Esprits Animaux has been awarded 1st prize, press jury prize, youth jury prize and Early Music Season prize at the “International Van Wassenaer Competition 2016”.

Since 2010, Les Esprits Animaux, after being selected young ensemble in residence in Centre Culture de Rencontre d’Ambronay, have been invited to participate in the Festival d’Ambronay until the present year. The band has pursued since then its musical journey performing at the Fringe and the Fabulous Fringe of the Oude Musiek Festival in Utrecht (The Netherlands), the Fringe of MAfestival in Bruges (Belgium) and in the International Young Artist Platform in Antwerp (Belgium) where it was awarded “Promising Ensemble 2011”. In 2012, it has participated in the contest “Göttinger Reihe Historischer Musik” in Göttingen (Germany).

In 2013, the ensemble had the opportunity to perform in Bozart in Brussels and to be in residence at the Centre Cultural Voce in Pigna in Corsica (France). Among other previous projects, they performed in “The Day of La Petite Bande” in Leuven as well as concerts in the European Parliament in Brussels representing Ambronay as European Culture Ambassador 2011. In 2012 Les Esprits Animaux made its first Japan tour.

The group has been invited to the Kerkconcerts in ‘t Woudt (The Netherlands) for four consecutive years. In 2011, the Fundación “La Caixa” selected Les Esprits Animaux to perform in several cities in Spain within the framework of Festival Antiqva, a part of the 34th edition of the Festival de Música Antigua de Barcelona. The band performed in different international festivals such as 24th edition of “Printemps Musical en Pays Roannais”  in 2012 (France), “II Festival Rutas de Alba” in 2012 (Spain), “Gent Festival van Vlaanderen” (Belgium) in 2012 and 2013, Tassin La Demi-Lune in 2013 (France) “L’Éte Musical de Roisin” 2014 (Belgium), MAFestival de Bruges 2014 (Belgium) and the 24th International Early Music Festival Banchetto Musicale” in Vilnius in 2014 (Lithuania). Festival Musiq3 in 2015 (Belgium), “Les Jardins Musicaux 2015” (Switzerland), “Contrepoints 62” (France) in 2015, “Festival Musique Baroque Fammene Ardene 2015” (Belgium), Festival van Vlaanderen-Antwerpen (AMUZ) in 2015 (Belgium), “Musica Antica da Camera 2015” (The Netherlands), De Blijoke in 2015 (Belgium), Stadspodia Leiden 2016 (The Netherlands), Kasteelconcerten 2016 (The Netherlands) La Folle Journée en Nantes et en Region 2016 (France), “Juillet Musical de Saint-Hubert 2016 (Belgium) and “Antiqua 2016” (Italy), Festival de Saint-Michel en Thiérache 2017 (France), Festes Baroques en Terre de Grave et de Sauternais 2017 (France)

The ensemble recorded broadcastings with France Musique (France), Musiq3 (Belgium), NPO Radio4, Radio Klara (Belgium), and Concertzender Nederland (The Netherlands). After having recorded its first CD for Ambronay Éditions (Harmonia Mundi) with a programme dedicated to G. Ph. Telemann in 2011, the ensemble recorded its second CD in 2013 with a program entitled “Transfigurations” for the same label.


Snakewood Editions

Snakewood is an independent recording label and a publishing house specialized in baroque music. They seek to offer a high quality result, surpassing industry standards at every step. Some of their guidelines are the recording of unknown repertoire and the supplementation of their recordings with extensive musicological material. Their music editions are made by and for musicians, combining musicological fidelity and interpretative practicality.

Snakewood is also the name of a beautiful tropical wood widely used for the making of baroque bows. The making of a baroque bow is an art that requires high artistic and technical skills and a good knowledge of ancient practices. Likewise, the products of Snakewood Editions are crafted with a balanced combination of all these qualities.

In its short life, their CDs have been nominated six times for Opus Klassik awards and twice for ICMA awards. They have had the honor of releasing albums with premieres by Pisendel and Tanfani. Their editions are regularly purchased by top professional musicians and amateurs around the world.